Top Tips For Your Next Hot Tub Weekend Break

Top tips for your next hot tub weekend break

With the end of winter fast approaching there’s never been a better time to start thinking about your next trip away. Now that the long, dark nights are almost over and the weather’s due to start turning warmer, you’ve got the perfect excuse to get booking.

So, if it’s hot tub weekend breaks in the UK you’re looking for, then we’ve got some top tips for how to get the best experience out of your time away.

Choose a hot tub with a view

If you want to make the most of your hot tub break, then you’re going to want to spend a good amount of time enjoying the waters. And, while you’re soaking in the tub, you should really give yourself a good view to enjoy.

There are plenty of holiday options around the country that offer accommodation with a private outdoor hot tub set in the most picturesque of locations. So, make sure that you choose a spot where you’re going to get some lovely sunsets to watch from the comfort of your hot tub.

Enjoy active days out

Of course, you’re not going to want to spend your whole weekend in the hot tub. Unfortunately, it’s not healthy to spend too long soaking in the hot water!

But, if you want to make those dips feel even better, then aim to make the most of your days out. As the bubble jets are great for soothing aches there’s no need to worry about coming back in the evening with sore feet.

A nice, long soak in the hot tub is the ideal way to cap off a day of other activities.

A hot tub isn’t just for sunshine

Even with spring on the horizon there’s no guarantee that the weather will be sunny and warm from here on out. We all know just how temperamental the UK weather can be, after all!

But whether your hot tub is indoor or outdoor there’s no excuse not to use it. Unless there’s a storm out, of course! A bit of chilliness in the evening is always an excellent excuse to jump back in the water.

And if it’s raining a little, so what? There’s no need to worry about getting wetter while you’re in the tub, so don’t be put off just because the weather isn’t a picture perfect sunny and bright.

Keep yourself hydrated

With water all around you, it can be surprisingly easy to forget that you need to drink. However, the heat of the hot tub is likely to cause you to dehydrate over time.

It’s important to keep yourself topped up on water before and after spending time in the hot tub, otherwise you risk getting headaches or feeling unwell. Nobody wants to feel off while they’re supposed to be enjoying a relaxing weekend break away.

And don’t make the mistake of drinking something dehydrating instead! No matter what else you’re sipping, stay topped up on water as well.

Watch your step

Setting up a hot tub isn’t very hard, especially when it’s not your own! Most accommodations will take care of the finicky maintenance and set-up for you, so all you’ll really need to do is adjust the temperature to suit you and get in.

Still, as simple as it is, remember to be careful. Obviously, getting out of the tub can be slippery so make sure you take care when you’re stepping down. And don’t forget to keep a towel nearby to save yourself a cold shock!

Hopefully you’re already looking forward to your next hot tub weekend break. Bear our top tips in mind and it’s sure to be an even better holiday full of memories to cherish.