The Most Popular Video Games in 2023 and Why?

The most popular video games in 2023 and why?

2024 is here, and we are saying goodbye to 2023. In terms of gaming, 2023 was a roller coaster year where gamers had some pretty good titles as well as some bad titles. Everyone is searching for the most popular video games in 2023 so they can get their fair share of the fun. Here is the list of the most popular video games of the last year. Want to sell CS2 skins for real money? is a trusted site.

1. Alan Wake 2

The first game in the series is Alan Wake 2, which is a follow-up of the original Alan Wake. This follow-up is released after thirteen whole years. It is a horror survival game where you take the role of two different people. One is an FBI agent named Saga Anderson, and the other is Alan Wake. The FBI agent goes to the town of Bright Falls in order to learn more about a cult. Alan Wake is trying to free himself from a dark place. Wake has been struck in this place for thirteen years. The two of them will join hands in order to solve the mystery of the cult.

2. Baldur’s Gate 3

This is an RPG and the third entry to the popular Baldur’s Gate series. It is based on dragons and dungeons. You start the journey by choosing one of the twelve classes. Both solo and multiplayer modes are available in Baldur’s Gate 3. It features turn-based combat, where you attack the dragons to kill them. To make sure that you win every fight, plan your moves and use your party to your advantage.

3. Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 was one of the most anticipated games of the year. It is a follow-up of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Take the roller coaster of emotions on this Spider-Man game. It introduced many new features to the franchise. These new features include the power wheel and new gadgets. Use these gadgets and the power wheel to defeat enemies and keep the city peaceful. When you finish the storyline, side quests are there to keep you engaged.

4. Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In 2017, the original legend of Zelda was released and The Tears of the Kingdom is a sequel to the original game. Your job is to find Zelda in the world of Hyrule. Along with finding Zelda, you also have to defeat Ganon, who is the demon king. If you don’t defeat him, he will destroy the world. This new title features a massive open world where you can explore sky islands and caverns.

5. Resident Evil 4 Remake

Are you ready to relive the popular Resident Evil 4 in new looks? Play as the US agent Leon Kennedy and fight with the bad guys. Your job is to stop those bad guys from harming the daughter of the president of the United States. In this remake, you will be able to move your character and fire a weapon at the same time. Block attacks from enemies with your knife, stay alive, and protect the daughter.