New Trends in Filmmaking: Blending Different Genres

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World cinema has come a long way. We are well aware of the power in the world of cinema, where filmmakers started interlinking different genres into a single film, which gave them a bigger canvas and a wide spectrum to represent their thoughts. By mixing the genres, the storytelling experience was improved, and it suddenly became very innovative and unique. 

Filmmakers started experimenting with mixing different genres and found out the subversion power of it. There was a drastic rise in the audience appeal, critical acclamation, and recognition of their work. Hence, there is no doubt that genre blending is one of the greatest revolutionary changes that happened to cinema, and the movie directory is a substantiation of it.

The blending of the genres helps in delivering a wider perspective to your audience. New-age filmmakers are using these means to deliver a combination of different emotions and help the audience experience a spectrum of different perspectives. The new age filmmakers are experimenting with topics of movie making by blending different types of genres. 

How are the different Genres blended in New-Age Movies?

New-age movies use various flavors of different genres to make a film in today’s cinematic landscape. Some of the combinations of genres used in today’s times are-

1. Science-fiction 

This is a comparatively new type of fusion between science and fiction genres. This genre is widely accepted in today’s times. This genre requires a lot of research, and this is why modern filmmakers meticulously research this scientific topic. The fiction used in the screenplay is crafted by the creativity of the filmmaker. Fiction is a creative way of showing many things about the past, future, or even present. Blending scientific knowledge with fiction helps in delivering a much more inclusive and wider experience. This is popular among all ages, nerds, and superhero fans.

2. Romantic-comedy

Romantic comedy is a pretty well-established genre as of now. This Rom-Com genre is one of the most successful means of delivering hit movies. People in today’s time wish to escape the harsh reality and the fastness of life, and comedy is a way to do so. Blending the essence of romanticism in this genre helps in delivering a better cinematic experience to the audience. This generation craves romantic relationships; just imagine how effective it can be to interlink comedy with a romantic screenplay.

3. Social awareness topic with comedy

Comedy is pretty well-accepted among all kinds of audiences because who doesn’t love to have a good time with laughter? Comedy is a great means to communicate a more serious issue with the audience and deliver an underlying message without the risk of sounding preachy or boring. Many new-age directors are using this genre to address several important issues in our current society. From misogyny and toxic masculinity to women empowerment, Queer positivity- several aspects of society are being represented through this genre.

4. Psychological Horror

Horror is a widely accepted genre of all time. A wide range of the population is obsessed with horror, thrill, and the rush of adrenalin. Several other types of genres can be perfectly blended with horror. People like jump scares and sudden moments of horror. Combining psychology with horror is a recent experiment that delivers a better perspective in dissecting horror. We get afraid, but why? This can be logically and psychologically explained through these movies.

5. Historical fiction 

Fiction is liberating because it gives better creative freedom to the filmmaker in delivering his or her thoughts regarding the topic. Using movies as a medium to represent a particular period in history and a fictional story associated with it helps inform the audience about their roots, past, and the socio-economic changes the world has witnessed. Trends show a rise in popularity of this genre in recent times. 

There are several other types of blended genres like horror comedy, musical drama, social drama, period drama, crime thriller, etc. New-age filmmakers are even experimenting by blending abstract reality into a popular genre in today’s time. It helps in refining the craft. 


Experimentation is an easy way of propagating a craft and making it even finer! Blending two different genres not only expands the perspective of filmmaking but also helps the audience gain a multidimensional way of experiencing cinema. If you check the movie directory, you will be able to find the emergence of several different blended genres. The new age change in the cinematic landscape has helped in the flourishing of different permutation combinations of filmmaking. This has made films appealing to a wider audience, and we are in awe of the excellent and creative craftsmanship.