Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney (John Mulaney & Oliva Munn’s Son) | Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Education, Facts, & More.

Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney

About Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney

Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney is an American celebrity kid who is best known for being the son of American stand-up comedian John Mulaney and American actress Olivia Munn. He was born on November 24, 2021, in The USA. As of writing, Malcolm Hiệp is 2 year old with around 3 feet and 0 inches tall in height.

Did You Know?

  • The meaning of the Name “Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney” is “origin believer of Colombia that unites together”.
  • Officially, Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney’s parents John and Olivia haven’t married yet. (At the point of writing this article)
  • His father (John Mulaney) is 2 years younger than her mother (Olivia Munn).
  • His father was previously married to a Make-up artist named Anna Marie Tendler. They married in the year 2014 and officially divorced in September 2021.
  • In September 2021, Just after the official separation from Anna Marie Tendler, his dad John Mulaney and mom Olivia Munn revealed their relationship to the public. However, they were dating since early 2021.
  • his parents revealed his photo to the public via Instagram on Christmas eve (December 24, 2021).
John Mulaney & Oliva Munn's Son Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney
  • as of writing, He doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

NameMalcolm Hiệp Mulaney
Net Worth (2023)Inherited amount of roughly $500,000
Height3 feet and 0 inches
ParentsJohn Mulaney (dad) & Oliva Munn (mom)
John Mulaney & Oliva Munn
his mom and dad

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