Who is Cassie Compton? Full Biography, Real Story, Parents, News, Tiktok Video, & 6 Facts You Need to Know

Cassie Compton

Who is Cassie Compton? TikTok video

Cassie Compton was a teenage girl who went lost from her own home town of Stuttgart, Arkansas in On Sept. 14, 2014. she was just 15 years old with 5 feet and 3 inches tall in height. If she found alive, she would be 20/21 years old. although it’s been 7 years, many people on social media sites are saying and believe that they spotted Cassie Compton in a recent TikTok video on which a girl having two dark bruises under her eyes is sitting backseat of a car.

Cassie Compton tiktok video

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

NameCassie Compton
Height 5 feet and 3 inches (at the age of 15 years old)
Father NameRoy Compton
Mother NameJudy Compton
BirthplaceStuttgart, Arkansas, USA

Facts You Need to Know About Cassie Compton

1. Her biological father’s name is Roy Compton and her mother’s name is Judy Compton. She has a brother named Chris. Cassie’s mother Judy got engaged to Brandon Rhodes who is currently in jail for a charge of conspiracy to commit capital murder.

2. She had just attended a demolition derby event and was safely landed at her home before 7.pm.

3. Cassie had told her mother that she was going to the store before she left. but after that, she never returned.

4. On the month of Cassie Compton’s disappearance,  Judy Compton and Brandon Rhodes separate apart.

5. After all that, the police had not been able to find Cassie Compton. but as her news and TikTok videos went viral on all social media sites, police are again on the field to investigate secretly and have not revealed much information about this incident. police are working and researching all the details to identify the person who posted the video.

6. Cassie Compton was a school student who was very good at study and had a great interest in outdoor activities. besides that, she was very much interested in social work.


(Update: 1/15/2021)

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