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Arjun Sharda

About Arjun Sharda

Arjun Sharda is an Indian-American full-stack developer, self-published author, and speaker. He was born on May 17, 2011, in Santa Clara, California. As of 2023, He s 12 years old. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Arjun Sharda bio wiki facts

Early Life

Arjun Sharda began open-source programming with languages such as R and Python at the age of 9. He began making artificial intelligence-powered chatbots on the Discord platform at the age of 10 and started publishing them to the public sector at the same time. 

He also created an organization called “Making Bots Fun,” a school project with his classmates and enthusiasts of his chatbots. He partnered with Discord multiple times for his chatbots and got multiple of his bots verified on the Discord platform, with his bots being used by hundreds of servers and thousands of people. In August 2022, he decided to retire from his “Making Bots Fun” organization to pursue other things.


Arjun Sharda has made notable projects such as Searchor, Passeo, TimeConv, and many more that have gained recognition from the developer community and have been used by developers and companies. 

He has also published a book, named “The Salesperson’s Direction to Clients,” in April 2023, and is an active writer. He has also confirmed attendance to speak at a TEDx talk in 2023 and DeveloperWeek CloudX in 2023.

Did You Know?

  • Arjun Sharda is named the “world’s youngest computer programmer” as per the Record Holders Republic (RHR).
  • Arjun Sharda has led many teams for his projects (e.g TimeConv and Searchor)
  • Arjun Sharda used to play video games and had a former gaming channel.

Biography & Wiki quick summary

NameArjun Sharda
ResidenceAustin, Texas
Age12 years old (2023)
HeightRoughly 5’ 6’’
Date of Birth May 17, 2011
Relationship status Single
Net worth (2023)N/A
Arjun Sharda developer

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Social Media Presence

Arjun Sharda is active on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. He uses his social media platforms to share updates about his work, as well as to connect with other developers and entrepreneurs.